OmniSwitch 6850E

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OmniSwitch_6850E The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch™ 6850E Stackable LAN Switch (SLS) is the latest advanced stackable Gigabit Ethernet switch in the OmniSwitch family of products. The OmniSwitch 6850E is available in 24 and 48 port configurations and provides wire-rate layer-2 and layer-3 switching simultaneously for IPv4 and IPv6. The OmniSwitch 6850E supports fine grained controls for quality of service (QoS) and for security including network access control (NAC), along with full support for 802.3at compliant power over Ethernet (PoE) and additional 10Gig ports for smooth expansion of existing installations where PoE+ or SFP+ is needed.   These versatile LAN switches can be positioned:

  • At the edge of mid- to large-sized converged enterprise networks
  • At the aggregation layer
  • In a small enterprise network core

They are also suitable advanced CPEs for Ethernet access for metro and managed services.  

  • With the variety of interfaces and models, the OmniSwitch 6850 family meets any customer configuration need and offers excellent investment protection and flexibility, as well as ease of deployment, operation and maintenance
  • Outstanding performance when supporting real-time voice, data, and video applications for converged scalable networks
  • The low power consumption and the efficient power management of the OmniSwitch 6850E, reduces operating expenses and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • By supporting long reach multimode (LRM) SFP+ optical interface, the OmniSwitch 6850E allows customers to re-use their existing MMF fiber installations to cost effectively upgrade from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit
  • Ensures that the new devices such as CCTV cameras, WLAN access points, and full featured desktop sets can be supported
  • Fully secures the network at the edge, at no additional cost
  • Enterprise-wide cost reduction through hardware consolidation to achieve network segmentation and security without additional hardware installation
  • Automated switch setup and configuration, and end-to-end VLAN provisioning support cost-effective installation and deployment
  • Simplifies Metro Ethernet network OA&M for service providers
  • Supports application fluency for multi-media traffic with automated controls for providing differentiated service levels for different traffic type thus reducing operational complexity and costs.

  • Versatile features and models offering Gigabit and up to four 10 gigabit interfaces
  • IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at –compliant PoE capable of delivering up to 30W per port
  • Optional 10G plug-in module delivers an additional two 10 gigabit ports that can be used as uplinks or for remote stacking
  • Wire-rate performance for switching and routing at 10G and gigabit speeds
  • Low power consumption and smart PoE allocation
  • Redundancy at all levels including power supplies, software and hot-swappable small form factor pluggable (SFP) modules
  • Advanced services incorporated in the operating system (OS): Quality of service (QoS), access control lists (ACLs), L2/L3, VLAN stacking, and IPv6
  • Extensive security features for network access control (NAC), policy enforcement and attack containment
  • Hardware-based virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) support
  • Advanced, out-of-the-box auto-configuration, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) network policies and dynamic VLAN allocation
  • Ready for Metro Ethernet access: VLAN stacking, multicast switching, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) snooping/option 82, ITU-T Y.1731, IEEE 802.1ag, IEEE 802.3ah and MAC-Forced Forwarding
  • Application fluency for multi-media traffic: Dynamic QoS treatment and monitoring of SIP-based conversations on the network
  • The switch also records real-time conversation quality information concerning packet loss, delay, jitter, MOS score, and R-Factor

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